It is absolutely wonderful see to how more and more girls are resorting to the idea of no or minimal makeup. Embracing your own skin and features is the real step towards empowering yourself. Minimalist makeup look is great for keeping your natural beauty intact. However, doing minimal makeup is no joke. It is tricky because the idea is to look as natural as possible.

All of your girls must look at these tips and tricks for keeping your makeup minimal and layer-free. Whether you are going to outdoor music festivals or to meet a friend, these tips will help you every time.

  1. Use a Good Base

Well, this is something obvious whether you go for a full glam look or basic no-makeup look. It is even more important when you go for minimal makeup because you will be already using very few products to enhance your features. Don’t go for a full coverage base as it will make your face look cakey. You can also use BB or CC creams in place of a proper foundation to make your face look lighter and natural.

  • Define Your Eyebrows

Lightly-filled eyebrows really up the game when you are supposed to wear minimal makeup for the day. Many girls make the mistake of fully defining their eyebrows with the no-makeup look. This makes the brows appear harsher as there is already very less makeup on the face. Keep your eyebrows as natural as possible or just fill them up a little to cover the gaps if there are any. You might not need to do anything if you already have bushy eyebrows.

  • Natural Mascara Over Falsies

Don’t give an exaggerated look to your eyelashes when aiming to achieve a minimal makeup look. Avoid using false eyelashes and mascaras with dramatic results. Falsies and dramatic mascaras only work best with bold makeup looks and minimal makeup is anything but bold. For this reason, invest in a good natural mascara that is not clumpy. Also, do not buy a waterproof mascara as it is not really nice for your eyes. Go for simple false lashes if your own eyelashes are not very dense. You can find very good fake lashes for small eyes at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics.

  • Natural Lips

There are very pretty lip colors that do not give off a very bold look. For minimal makeup, you must have natural shades of pinks and nudes in your collection that you can conveniently apply whenever you are heading out. You can also keep tinted lip balms and nude lip glosses to rock the minimal makeup look. Just know your skin tone before you get the shade as one shade does not fit all skin tones.

  • Prime Your Skin

Priming your skin prior to applying other makeup products is highly important. It gives a very refined look as it helps you achieve a very smooth base. You can apply a pore-filling primer if your skin has open pores. Such primers avoid clogging and enhance the results of the base you apply. Go for an illuminating primer if you want a dewy finish on your face.

Either pull the minimal makeup look with a trendy gilet or your ball gown. It’s the worth the effort!