The way you dress in the winter and the way you dress in the summer are poles opposite. With the summer approaching soon and new trends coming into the streets, the summer fashion gala is about to begin. Every year, there is a new fashion trend that is brought into the streets which then becomes a trend for that year. Recently, athleisure has become a huge trend in the fashion industry.

If you have been thinking of updating your closet for the summer and want inspiration from the designs on the streets, then this article is for you. We have listed down some of the hottest and the most wearable trends that are found worn by many celebrities and influential people around the world. You can look into online fashion boutique Australia for more inspiration and products.

  1. Linen

Linen is one of those fabrics through which one can remain cool in the summer yet look cool, fashionable, and chic. This is why this fabric has been in fashion in the summer months. In the market, you will find a mix of linen with their fabric as well as pure linen in the form of shirts, crop tops, dresses, skirts, and more. This is because of the breathable nature of the fabric as well the cool flow and ease it has to it. Summer colors like yellow, pink, and blue look great in this fabric.

  • Sweat shorts

As discussed above, there has been a whole trend about wearing comfortable clothes, but making them chic and fashionable. Sweat shorts are an example of that. For people who want to wear pants, but because it is too hot to wear those, sweat shorts is what comes into the picture many celebrities and famous people have been seen wearing. These athleisure bottoms will provide you with the same sort of comfort that your sweatpants will except they take away the sweat.

  • Baby doll dresses

Baby doll dresses have always been in fashion, however, they are now becoming a trend again. This is because of their simplistic design, flow and breathable fabric are the reason they are a trend. Even though a baby doll dress can be made from any fabric, it is usually found in cotton or a mix of cotton with other fabric. This then leads to a summer approved dress that can be worn without sweating in the heat. Not only does it let air pass through, it also looks chic, cute, and is the perfect length in the summer heat.

  • Color

Summer months mean color galore. As people bring back all the colors in summer, neon has been trending at the moment. From neon pants to matching pieces, neon has been all the hype. People have been wearing neon clothes, shoes, and accessories. However, they need to be styled with caution as too much color can look gaudy. This is why we suggest wearing neon with simplistic designs and clean cuts just so the dress does not look overly busy paired with minimal makeup.